Flashback! 175th anniversary videos, May 15, 2011

Title:Flashback! 175th anniversary videos, May 15, 2011

Unfortunately, the video degrades in audio after Part 9 so those sections are not included. The first 28 seconds of Part 1 are not clear. Video quality is not good, overall. You will probably need to turn up your speakers. Despite these imperfections, it is a valuable set of videos of a wonderful service.

1. Rev. Jonathan Boucher,part 1

2. Boucher,part 2 “Gather us in”

3. “Gather us in”,Genesis 28:10-17

4. Genesis 28:10-17 – Channing Moore, William Friend, Part 1

5. Moore and Friend; “Shall We Gather at the River”

6. “Shall We Gather”,Sara Peyton, Helen Bernard

7. Sara Peyton, Helen Bernard

8. Sara Peyton, Helen Bernard, Part 2

9. Battle Hymn of the Republic