175th Anniversary Video published, June 26, 2011

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Title:175th Anniversary Video published, June 26, 2011

 Video 175th Anniversary Service Honoring Our Ancestors May 15, 2011

About 30 minutes of the 2pm May 15, 2011 Service Honoring Our Ancestors has now been published. Here is the link

Instructions for viewing the video are on that page. There are 8 sections of 4 minutes each. Thanks to Nancy Long for writing this service and for all who participated. Thanks to Cookie for organizing the videotaping of the service.

The entire performance was videotaped.  However, on reviewing the video there were problems with the sound which caused the limited publication of the service. The sound level is low throughout but the main problem is the fluctuating sound frequencies causing the words to be garbled and voices to sound wavy.  This marred the sections after the Civil War presentation.  Also the first video has about 6 seconds of lead-in.

Ironically, while the service was about our history, we have created an addition to that history which later generations can enjoy.

You can review all of the 175th anniversary stories over the last year through this link.

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