On the heels of the 175th anniversary…

Title:On the heels of the 175th anniversary…

We have heard from one bishop, two former priests and one wife of a former priest:

1. From The Right Reverend Shannon S. Johnston, May 9, 2011
Bishop Johnston
"Dear Catherine:

"I am delighted to learn that St Peter’s Port Royal, is celebrating its 175th Anniversary! This is certainly a notable time and I wish I could celebrate with all of you in person. Unfortunately, my schedule prevents that but I will very much be with you in spirit and in prayer.

"The sense of commitment and community with which the people of St Peter’s approach your ministries today will be a valuable asset as you continue your common life together and your witness to the Diocese and beyond. I am certainly there will be many future milestones for St Peter’s to celebrate. May God’ grace continue to bless all the people of St Peter’s Episcopal Church. "

Faithfully yours,

The Rt Rev. Shannon S. Johnston
The Bishop of Virginia

2. From Virginia Fall (wife of Ralph Fall priest 1962-1982), May 11, 2011

"Dear Friends of St. Peter’s Epsicopal Church, I send you my greetings, love and appreciation for all you have done and all that your doing at St. Peter’s to further the message of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"You were generous and supportive to Ralph, Beth, Mary Dee and David during the twenty years Ralph served St. Peter’s. Ralph loved the Church and Port Royal. I feel sure he is aware and filled with gratitude because of our continued good work there.

Thank you for accepting me as a part of  St. Peter’s and Ralph’s family. May the Good Lord continue to bless St. Peter’s Church and each of you is my prayers. "

Love, Blessings and Peace,

Virginia Rodgers Fall

3. From Philip Haug (priest 1990-1994)  May 12, 2011

Lovely people, lovely music, lovely building, lovely connections in the community.  What a treasure. Anna and I have many fond memories of our all too few years among the people of St. Peter’s. May God continue to bless you all.
The Rev. Mister Phillip Haug,
Rector, 1990-94

4.  From John Wall (priest 2005-2009) May 13, 2011

Dear Cookie,
          Suzanne and I deeply regret and are much disappointed we will not be able to be with you this weekend for homecoming!
          We are committed to going to West Point for our 55th Reunion of the great Class of 1956.  I will be officiating at the Sunday evening service there and for the memorial service for our fallen comrades on Monday.  We lost eleven in Viet Nam .  The percentage of general officers in our class (among whom is Norm Schwarzkopf) rival that of the class of 1915 which included “Ike”.
          Even so I wish I could be with the lovely parishioners of St. Peter’s which is the best loved of our seven churches over 15 years of ministry.  But to God be the glory!
          Please convey our devotion to the Parish and to its members and also our regrets at not being able to be with you all on this very significant 175th Anniversary.
          Love, prayers, and the blessings of Christ to each and every one of you!

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