Stewardship Report

Elizabeth Heimbach 

In keeping with the 2020 theme of annual giving in the Diocese of Virginia, “Wonder in All,” the campaign at St. Peter’s this year sought to emphasize “the gift of joy and wonder in all God’s works.”

The campaign opened on September 1 when everyone in the congregation received a copy of the pledge letter along with a box of beeswax candles. which were meant as a reminder of the light and warmth that St. Peter’s endeavors to share all year long.

Pledges were due four Sundays later on October 7. This allowed the Vestry more time to discuss the church budget for the upcoming year. It was especially important for the Vestry to have time to devote to the budget this year because several members of the congregation have moved away, and the total amount from pledges in 2019 was significantly less than the amount pledged in 2018. However, it is heartening to note that a number of people have increased the amount of their 2020 pledges – surely a reflection of the congregation’s commitment to the work of St. Peter’s.