Senior Warden Report

Elizabeth Heimbach

The congregation of St. Peter’s is small in number, but guided by our priest, we have been able to accomplish a lot this year. As Senior Warden, I am grateful for

    1. The leadership of our priest:

    Catherine works tirelessly to care for the people of St. Peter’s, especially those who are ill and those who mourn.

    1. Worship:

    Catherine prepares each service carefully. She encourages participation by members of the congregation who serve as greeters, acolytes, lectors, and Eucharistic ministers. She cheerfully teaches new altar guild members the proper way to care for the altar, and she patiently encourages new acolytes to learn the order of service. She plans wonderful services for the celebration of major festivals like Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, and Epiphany. She writes the script for the Christmas pageant each year, and this year, she also introduced a gentle, quiet Blue Christmas service.

    1. The music:

    Our wonderful choir under Brad’s direction adds a splendid dimension to our worship each Sunday The fall concert with PhilHarmonia was a wonderful event that attracted an audience from both St. Peter’s and from other churches.

    1. The oversight of the buildings and grounds of the church:

    Junior Warden Johnny Davis has dealt this year with everything from leaks in the church to leaves and branches in the church yard. Johnny and Rob Dobson have also spent countless hours on the renovation of the nursery building.

    1. Fellowship:

    The monthly potluck lunches and Village Dinners are lovely occasions that bring us  together. Gospel on the River and the Everett’s Christmas party are also events that everyone looks forward to.

    1. Outreach:

    Village Harvest and the work of the ECM and the ECW provide practical ways of sharing God’s love with our community.

    1. Education:

    Wednesday Bible Study, Spanish Bible Study, Sunday School, and Sunday services that include scripture readings and thoughtful sermons all provide the congregation with opportunities for discussion and growth. The Way of Beauty retreat was an occasion to learn about Native American beliefs.

    1. The St. Peter’s website:

    Ben Hicks’ inspired photography continually enhances the church’s website as well as the Facebook page. His work on the weekly bulletins and the monthly newsletter is invaluable.