The Rectory, The Parish House, Fall Hall

Rectory front in 2013 and in the late 1930’s

That home directly in back of the church has been known by several names. Here is an article from Jim Patton in 1999 that explored its origins. At the end we will try to bring it up to date. 

THE RECTORY – From the Vestry minutes of St. Peter’s Church –

May 5, 1873 "On motion of Dr. John J. Gravatt it was resolved that a committee be appointed to raise funds for the purchase or the building of a Rectory for St. Peter’s, John J. Gravatt, John’ B. Lightfoot and P. L. Robb appointed a committee to carry it into effect.

Oct- 5, 1873 The committee on the Rectory made a partial report. The secretary of the Vestry was instructed to address a letter to Grace Church (Corbin) to ascertain the amount that would be contributed by it for a Rectory for this Parish. (Mr. Friend and Mr. Poindexter served both churches) P. L. Robb was requested to communicate with, the Legatees of John H. Bernard deceased in regard to a lot owned, by them being obtained for the building of a Rectory upon it. (This lot was on the opposite side of Market Street from the church, had been the site of the home of Mr., Bernard’s grandmother, Elisabeth Pratt Hipkins and had burned c. 1870)

April 6, 1874  A letter from Mr. Powhatan Robertson in reference to the sale of his (his wife’s) interest in the lot belonging to the legatees of J. H Bernard was read & Mr. P. L. Robb was requested to ascertain from them upon what terms said lot could he procured for the site of a Rectory (Powhatan/Robertson was one of executors of the J.H. Bernard will).

Apr, 20, 1877 Resolved that the Vestry of St. Peter’s, Port Royal do hereby accept the loan of $250.00 from Grace Church on terms embodied in the resolution of that passed by the Vestry Oct. 6, 1876 (The Vestry minute book contains no minutes for a meeting Oct.6,1876. Dec. 1, 1876 conveys the property from the heirs of Lucy Brockenbrough Thornton to the church trustees in the amount of $676.00)

In the latter years of his ministry Mr. Friend owned his own home (Cleo & Robert Coleman’s). Mr. Poindexter was a bachelor when he first came to St. Peter’s and lived at "Santee" with the Robert Cordon family (Byrd Holloway’s grandparents). After the purchase of the Rectory Mr. Poindexter’s mother and nephew lived with him until his marriage in 1883. The Rev. S. S Ware and his family lived in the Rectory until his retirement in 1918. The next 47 years the nine rectors lived elsewhere and the Rectory was rented except for a brief period in the early 1920’s. The Falls moved into the Rectory in 1965 and last occupied by a rector by the Places. 

Apr, 20, 1883 The committee on repairs of the Church and Rectory made their report showing that the cost for taking down the gutters on the church and building a new cellar hut for the Rectory amounted to $69.95. Attention was called to other repairs and painting much needed upon the Church and Rectory.

May 2, 1883 The estimate for the above was submitted in the amount of $103.80 and suggested money be raised by subscription with aid from Grace Church.

JSP 3/8/99

The Rectory was rented after Don Place (1989) with the Shelton family being the last family to occupy it through August, 1997. It then became the Parish House for the church 

One of the most significant repairs was a new roof.  The total cost in 2006 for re-roofing was $20,430 ($5,055 for framing and sheathing repairs, $1,175 new gutters, $14,200 to remove the old roof layers and install sheet metal roofing )

In 2004 through Bill Wick’s help, the church received a $7,580 mustard seed grant for renovations, particularly in helping to put a new roof on the building.

In 2005, the first annual flea market took place on May 28.  By June 13, 2006 through the fleat market, the mustard seed grant and other donations, $16,948 had been collected.  As part of the renovations, a ramp was installed and new drainage.

On April 27, 2007 it was dedicated at the "Rev. Ralph E. Fall Parish Hall" or simply "Fall Hall".

Here is a tour developed about it.

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