Music Report

Brad Volland 

The past year once again bore witness to many blessings for St Peter’s Episcopal Church’s music ministry!  As you know, our choir is small but wholly committed and dedicated to serving the church and community by praising God through Christ the Son.  I am so excited that we had three new choir members join us for Christmas, and hopefully into 2019.  Thom Guthrie has joined the choir, and also Mary Peterman and Denise Gregory.  All three are musicians and play instruments.  The choir and instrumentalists presented a wide range of musical styles to the congregation and community during the past year.  Our choir presented several new anthems, including new contemporary anthems, classical anthems and anthems based on familiar hymn tunes.  We will soon be working on new anthems for Holy Week and Easter. 

Our sincere appreciation and thanks go to :  Helmut Linne von Berg for his continued choir membership and for sharing his violin music with us; Thom Guthrie, for sharing his skills on the organ; Marilyn Newman for her gift of beautiful harp music; Mary Peterman and Denise Gregory for playing flute and piano; Andy Cortez for his amazing trumpet playing; Karen Richardson for sharing her musical talents with the guitar; and Jim Heimbach for his piano playing. 

Our annual concert series continues to be very well received by our congregation and community. 

We are most thankful for Mark W. Thompson and his staff, who continue to offer their specialized talents in the maintenance of our pre-Civil War pipe organ. 

It is truly a blessing and a privilege to serve as your music director and organist.  2019 promises to be another wonderful year in the musical life of our beloved St Peter’s.