Music at St. Peters 2 – The Concerts

Most of the concerts below were during Nell Clarke’s tenure as organist (1982-2000). She is pictured above in one of her concerts. Nell earned a masters of music at the University of North Carolina, taught many years at her studio in Fredericksburg and also taught part-time at Germanna Community College. On Sundays she was at St. Peter’s. Most of the concerts were in the fall on Sundays. In several case, she took a collection during the concerts for organ maintenance. 

We have not held these concerts for several years and not in a series. Should we schedule concerts again and if so, should we consider a small concert series ?

  • Oct 18,1970 – Program of Organ, Flute and Vocal Two organists play – Cleveland Fisher play selections by Beethoven and Purcell. Paul Birckner played Bach and Pachelbel, Carolyn Fix sang, Bryan Dyker played a piece by Telemann. Program .
  • Nov 11, 1984 – Music for strings and organ. Becky Riley and Cindy Ross to perform on violin, Ann Hamer on cello. They performed works by Zohann Zach, Haydn, Mozart. Free Lance-Star article  
  • Nov 24, 1985 – Nell Clarke, organ, vocal and string with tenor John Samarie from Culpeper, violinist Cindy Ross, Ann Hamer cello. Works included Bach’s Pastorale for Organ, arias from the Cantatas “Sleeper’s Awake” and “Christ Lay in Death’s Bonds”, Handel’s Sonata in D, No. 4 for violin, cello and organ.  Free Lance-Star article
  • Nov 4, 1990 – Nell Clarke performs works by Telemann, Mozart, C. P. E. Bach. Becky Riley and Cindy Ross to perform on violin, Ann Hamer on cello and harpsichord.  Free Lance-Star article
  • April 16, 1993 – Nell Clarke performs Bach “Pastorale”, French noel “When Jesus was Born at Christmas” ,3 choral preludes by Brahms.  Free Lance-Star article
  • October 20, 1996 Nell Clarke. Works Americans may have performed in their parlors- “Refuge” by William Horatio Clarke, “Trip to Pawtucket” by Oliver Shaw, “Voluntary VIII” by William Selby, “Adagio” by Lucien Southard. Then there were works by English composers Matthew Camidge, Raynor Taylor. The program concluded with transcriptions of the final chorus of “Silla” and the march from “Deidamia”, both operas by G. F. Handel. Free Lance-Star article
  • Oct 10, 2010 – Thomas Marshall from Williamsburg demonstrating 4 centuries of organ music from Garbrielli to Vierne on the George Stevens organ. This was part of the 175th Anniversary.  Article and photo gallery

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