Gospel of Mark – Introduction (longest)

Gospel of Mark

commentary & meditation for daily reflection and study


Mark 1:1-8
John the Baptist preaches

Mark 1:9-13
Jesus baptized by John

Mark 1:14-20
Jesus preaches gospel

Mark 1:21-28
Jesus’ fame spreads

Mark 1:29-39
Jesus healed many

Mark 1:40-45
Jesus heals a leper

Mark 2:1-12 
Jesus heals a paralytic

Mark 2:13-17
Jesus with tax collectors

Mark 2:18-22
new wine & old wine skins

Mark 2:23-28
Lord of the sabbath

Mark 3:1-6
a withered hand restored

Mark 3:7-12
“You are the Son of God”

Mark 3:13-19
Jesus appoints the Twelve

Mark 3:20-21
Jesus’ family upset

Mark 3:22-30
divided realm cannot stand

Mark 3:31-35
true spiritual kinship

parable of the sower

Mark 4:21-25
parable of the lamp

Mark 4:26-34
parable of mustard seed

Mark 4:35-41
wind & sea obey Jesus

Mark 5:1-20
Jesus frees possessed man

Mark 5:21-43
Jesus raises dead girl

Mark 6:1-6
without honor at home

Mark 6:7-13
Twelve sent out

Mark 6:14-29
Herod kills the Baptist

Mark 6:30-34
sheep without shepherd

Mark 6:35-44
feeds 5000

Mark 6:45-52
Jesus walks on sea

Mark 6:53-56
Jesus heals everywhere

Mark 7:1-13
clean and unclean

Mark 7:14-23
God’s law & men’s rules

Mark 7:24-30
Jesus delivers at Tyre

Mark 7:31-37
Jesus heals at Sidon

Jesus feeds 4000

Mark 8:11-13
Pharisees argue with Jesus

Mark 8:14-21
true bread

Mark 8:22-26
Jesus heals blind man

Mark 8:27-33
Jesus professed as Christ

Mark 8:34-9:1
cost of discipleship

Mark 9:2-13
Jesus’ transfiguration

Mark 9:14-29
frees possed boy

Mark 9:30-37
Jesus predicts crucifixion

Mark 9:38-41
tolerance versus envy

Mark 9:42-50
causing sin and scandal

Mark 10:1-12
marriage and divorce

Mark 10:13-16
Jesus blesses children

Mark 10:17-27
rich young man meets Jesus

Mark 10:28-31
receive a hundredfold

Mark 10:32-45
crucifixion predicted again

Mark 10:46-52
Jesus heals blind beggar

Jesus enters Jerusalem

Mark 11:11-26
cursed figs & temple

Mark 11:27-35
Jesus’ authority challenged

Mark 12:1-12 
parable of the vineyard

Mark 12:13-17
question of the taxes

Mark 12:18-27
question of the resurrection

Mark 12:28-34
first commandment

Mark 12:35-37 
Christ is the son of David

Mark 12:38-44 
wrong kind of religion

Mark 13:1-13
things to come

Mark 13:14-32
Jesus’ second coming

Mark 13:33-37
watch for Lord’s return

Mark 14:1-11
extravagant love

Mark 14:12-21
passover preparation

Jesus’ last supper

Mark 14:26-42
agony in the garden

Mark 14:43-52
Jesus’ arrest

Mark 14:53-72
Jesus’ trial & Peter’s denial

Mark 15:1-20 Jesus
before Pilate

Mark 15:21-32
Jesus crucified

Mark 15:33-41
Jesus’ death

Mark 15:42-47
Jesus’ burial

Mark 16:1-13
empty tomb & resurrection

Mark 16:14-20
Jesus’ great commision