Junior Warden Report

Helmut Linne von Berg 

The following St. Peter’s Church property maintenance and repair projects were undertaken during 2017. 

  1. The “leaning” former bell tower in the church yard cemetery was straightened, repaired and painted. Three vents were installed so that the historical tower is now a first class equipment shed sitting on a poured concrete slab. 
  1. The large dead tree in the church front yard with a huge bird nest on top finally was blown over during a stormy night.  It did considerable damage to our fence which was repaired.  Thanks to Johnny Davis and Alex Long for repairing the damaged grounds. 
  1. A leaking window in the Sunday School building was repaired. 
  1. Children’s furniture in the Sunday School building was repainted. 
  1. Three sunken, damaged brick walkways were replaced with raised, professionally installed pavers.

    The walkways led from the church back door to the parking lot; a step was eliminated, from the parking lot to the rectory back door and the patio in front of the Sunday School building. 

  1. According to recommendations by our County Sheriff Department, padlocks were installed on church and rectory basement doors, as well as on the buildings’ circuit breaker boxes. 
  1. A keyboard for the padlock keys was manufactured and installed in the sacristy area. 
  1. Repair/reconstruct church sign from church front entrance.  This sign is currently being professionally painted and lettered.  
  1. Sand and repaint church sign post in church front yard. 
  1. Manufacture and install temporary safe, steel grate cover for the front right heat/AC outlet in the church. 
  1. Install professionally manufactured permanent steel, ornamental grate covers for front left and right heat/AC outlets in the church. 
  1. Several other church members were involved in church property improvements, i.e. rectory bathroom and kitchen repairs and regular ground maintenance, flower beds, etc. These individuals deserve recognition for their contributions to our beloved St. Peter’s Church. 
  2. Patching and painting in the parish house. The "front door" has been repaired and repainted.
  1. Currently obtaining cost estimate/proposal for the painting of the interior church and the interior rectory.

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