Colors for Year C 2021-2022

Colors Season Dates Alternate
Dark Blue Blue Advent 1-2 Nov. 28-Dec 11 Blue Violet Purple
Pink* 3rd Wk of Advent Dec 12-Dec 18 Rose*
Dark Blue Blue Advent 4 Dec 19 Blue Violet Purple
Dark Blue Blue Christmas Eve Dec 24 Blue Violet Purple
White Gold Christmas Dec 25-Jan 5 White Yellow
White Gold Epiphany Jan 6 White Yellow
Green After Epiphany Jan 7-March 2 Lt. Green
White Gold Transfiguration Feb. 22 White Yellow
Purple Ash Wednesday Mar 2 Gray
Purple Lent Mar 2-Apr 14 Red Violet
Rose* [Laetere Sunday] (Lent 4) [March 27] Rose*
Purple Palm Sunday Apr 10 Red**
Purple Maundy
Apr 14 Red**
Purple Black Good Friday Apr 15 ////
No Colors ////
Black Holy Saturday Apr 20 ////
No Colors ////
White Gold Easter Apr 17 White Yellow
White Gold Eastertide Apr 17-June 5 Red**
White Gold Ascension Day May 27 White Yellow
White Gold Eastertide May 28- June 4 Red**
Red Pentecost Sunday June 5 Red Gold
White Gold Trinity Sunday June 22 Red**
Green Ordinary Time Jun 23-Oct 31 Lt. Green Bronze
Aqua Olive
Red** All Saints Day or Sunday Nov 1 [or the next Sunday] White Gold
Green Ordinary Time Nov 2-19 Lt. Green Bronze
Aqua Olive
White Gold Christ the King Nov 20 White Yellow