Christian Education


The group, from various religious denominations, meets on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to noon.. They have met since at least 2002. They frequently take a break in August.

The readings follow the lectionary for the next Sunday. In addition we will periodically consider some thematic topics that tie in to the lectionary themes for that particular week. Those of us who attend the Wednesday Bible Study have a great time together. 


A. Godly Play 10am. preschool through second grade.  More information is here also, here

B. Older children have been organized for special education events

C. The Nursery is also available from 11am to 12 noon 


There are various in the year on Sundays, including a study of the lectionary and Godly play for Adults, shown below. 

Programs in Advent have considered the Messiah, a study of Luke’s Canticles and the Matthew birth stories as well as Mary

Program in Lent have included Feasting with Jesus, a study of Lent through children stories (Frog and Toad) and sessions on prayer and forgiveness.