Morning Prayer Rite I, November 24, 2013, 9am

Title:Morning Prayer Rite I, November 24, 2013, 9am

Bulletin Date: November 24, 2013 5:00 am

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The Last Sunday after Pentecost, Year C
Christ the King Sunday, Morning Prayer, Rite I, 9AM

Priest-in-Charge:  The Rev. Catherine D. Hicks

(BCP—Book of Common Prayer, H-Hymnal 1982;  S Numbers are the service music found in the front of The Hymnal 1982; WLP-Wonder, Love and Praise)

LEVAS-Lift Every Voice and Sing II)

In the name of Christ, we welcome you to this Church.  May those who sorrow find comfort; the weary, rest; the unhappy, joy; the troubled, peace; the stranger, friends; and to all the sense of God’s Presence in this holy place.


The Ringing of the Bell

Opening Verse                                                                            BCP 40

Confession of Sin                                                                        BCP 41

The Invitatory and Psalter                                                            BCP 42

The Jubilate                                                                                BCP 45

The Appointed Psalm            Psalm 46                                        BCP 649

The Lessons

First Lesson                         Jeremiah 23:1-6

Canticle 4                            The Song of Zechariah                      BCP 50

Second Lesson                     Colossians 1:11-20

Canticle 5                            The Song of Simeon                         BCP 51

The Gospel                          Luke 23:33-43

The Sermon                                                                                          

The Apostles’ Creed                                                                   BCP 53


Birthday and Anniversary Blessings                               BCP 830, #51; 431


The Prayers                                                                              BCP 54

Suffrages   B                                                                              BCP 55

Collect for the Last Sunday After Pentecost                                     Insert


The General Thanksgiving                                                            BCP 58

A Prayer of St. Chrysostom                                                          BCP 59

Concluding Verse


Glory to God whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine:  Glory to him from generation to generation in the Church, and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever.  Amen.                                  




Welcome to St. Peter’s! 
Our hope is that you will find God’s love present with you in this place and that you will return here often.

Our communion bread is gluten free. 


Christ the King Sunday   This is the  last Sunday of Ordinary Time just before we begin Advent. Christians have long celebrated Jesus as Christ, and his reign as King is celebrated in Advent (when Christians wait for his second coming in glory).  Christ’s kingship is one of humility and service.


Happy Birthday  Marsha Dobson, Perry Bowen (Nov. 27), Ruth TenHoven (Nov. 29). Happy Anniversary – Perry and Virginia Bowen (Nov. 24), Fortunes (Nov. 28)


Fall UTO Ingathering – Boxes are due next Sunday.


ECM – Please turn in your $25 donation towards the presents to Clarence.


Please save the following December dates: 

·               Sunday, December 1, Breakfast with St Nicholas 9:45AM. 

Breakfast and fun with St Nicholas for all ages in the Parish House.

·               Sunday, December 8, 5PM Covered dish supper and Christmas carols at the Everetts.

·               Tuesdays, December 10th and 17th, 6PM   “A Thrill of Hope”—Simple supper, Advent Study and Discussion.   We’ll be using the familiar scriptures of Luke and Matthew about Christmas,  illustrated by the detailed and colorful artwork of John August Swanson together with commentary by Candler Theological Seminary’ s faculty via DVD.   See  for a sample.

·               Friday, Dec 13, 5pm – Community Dinner and Tree Lighting,  Firehouse


Serving Today: Lector: Crystal Pannell; Eucharistic Minister: Betty Kunstmann; Acolyte: Kimberly Fisher; Gospel Bearer:  Tucker Fisher; Greeters/ Ushers:  Cookie, Johnny Davis; Elements:  Susan Linne von Berg, Millie Muhly.

———————————–This Week ————————————–

·   Wed., Nov. 27, 10am – Ecumenical Bible Study

·   Sun., Dec  1, 9:45am – Breakfast with St. Nicholas (replaces coffee hour)

·   Sun. ,Dec. 1, 10:50am– Godly Play

·   Sun., Dec. 1, 11:00am – Advent I, Holy Eucharist, Rite II




St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
823 Water Street PO Box 399, Port Royal, VA  22535

Website: Parish Office:  (804) 742-5908

The Vestry
Eunice Key, Senior Warden – (804)-241-5395

Cookie Davis, Junior Warden – (804) 742-5654

Laura Carey, Cynthia Fields, Fred Pannell, Boyd Wisdom

Clarence Kunstmann, Treasurer & Elizabeth Heimbach Registrar

Brad Volland – Music Director & Organist

The Rev. Catherine D. Hicks, Priest- in- Charge

(540) 809-7489, (540) 898-1586,

Christ Centered, Biblically Based, Spirit Filled, Caring


Prayer List


Genevieve Davis, Peggy Roberts, Oliver Fortune,  Toni Fabisy, Brad Volland, Boyd Wisdom, Vivian McDonald,  John and Sylvia Sellars, Shaun (requesting prayers for himself from our St Peter’s community), and we pray for the Gideons and the spreading of the Gospel. 


Donna Lippa (friend of Judy Fox), Marc Boivin (friend of Region One), Tracy Howes (granddaughter of the Muhlys),  Jaki Gathercole and family (friends of the Fishers), Crystal and Mike Gladdings (family of Judy Fox),  Brian Penneston (friend of the Wicks),  Nancy Davis (sister-in-law of Johnny Davis), Patricia Edwards (sister of Andrea Pogue), Herb Saunders (friend of Helmut Linne von Berg),  Clint Lee (father of Marsha Dobson),  Carlos Rivera (Uncle of Marion Mahoney’s Daughter-in-law),  Larry Taylor (friend of  Terri Harrison) , Mary Ryan, Kirby McClain, Maureen Butler and family, Betty Williams, Kathryn Hill, Bobbye Canaday (friends of Catherine Hicks), Matthew Delbridge (father of Catherine Hicks) Rick and Linda Ferree and family, Nancy Hartwick (friend of Brad Volland), Gloria Jewell, Charles and Yvonne Johnson (friends of the Pannells and Laura Carey) , Jeff, Carolyn & Elizabeth Nelson, Loretta Harich, Carole Morehead (friends of the Newmans), Leilani Oldham, Bob and Diane Creel (relatives of Mike and Marilyn Newman), Marjorie Gilliland (mother of John Gilliland), Steven Fox

(husband of our nursery worker, Judy Fox), David Watson (uncle of Ruth TenHoven), Bernie and Doyle (friends of Ruth TenHoven), Russell Smith, Daniel Smith (brothers of Susan Linne von Berg),  Eudora Heath, Albert Barnett (uncle of Andrea Pogue), Kay Bodeen,  Kathi  Coles (sister-in-law and daughter  of Clarence and Betty Kunstmann), Carrie Griffith (mother of Marilyn Newman),  Butch and Carolyn Delhagen (sister of  Mike Newman & brother-in-law of the Newmans), Dorine Righman (sister of BJ Anderson)

Serving in the Armed Forces


   Alexander Long V                    Gordon Devine                    Jeffrey Woodard

   David Locklerr                         Daniel Vanpike                        Joseph George

Christopher R. DeHart              Steven Lee                       Jonathan Wilkerson








     The last Sunday after Pentecost, 9aM

November 24, 2013



"Jesus said, ‘When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory’”

ST. Peter’s Episcopal Church


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