The Annual Meeting, 2020

Read the stories behind the evemts.


At the end of a year on the web, we try to present a wrap-up that includes the events significant in the life of St. Peter’s. We then try to go a step further.  Was there a theme (or themes) that ran through the events of the year ?  We think so for 2019 – Building Community Relationships.

You can see it in the Spanish Bible Study that started in Lent and continued through the year, Hunters for the Hungry twice during 2019, the MS Walk as well as Shred-It in May, the Children’s‘ Summer Program,  the Season of Creation in Sept, the Way of Beauty retreat in November, the monthly Village Harvest which celebrated its 5th anniversary also in November, and the Blue Christmas service at the end of the year. Several were new to 2019 – Spanish Bible Study, the MS Walk, the Children’s Summer program and the Blue Christmas service.

Here is a version St. Peter’s 2019 story told through 40+ events: 

Note, there is a table of contents with the list and links for the events covered. If you click on an event it will scroll to it. There is usually a link to the event’s story and a related photo.  There is a corresponding arrow on the right side of the screen that will take you back to the top.