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ECW Annual Meeting - 125th Anniversary- St Peter's grant awarded

 ECW Annual Meeting, 125th Anniversary, Oct. 15, 2015 (full size gallery)

Catherine received a certificate and a check for a grant to renovate our kitchen from Cindy Helton, UTO Coordinator for the Diocese of Virginia. Cookie, Eunice, and Betty accompanied Catherine to the meeting which was special in itself as it was the 125th anniversary celebration.

Bishop Gulick preached and Kirk Gibson, Development Officer for Shrine Mont spoke. Julia Randall, historiographer for the Diocese, did a historical presentation on Sallie Stuart. After the meeting there was a quick detour of the St. Peter's delegation to Carl's in Fredericksburg for an afternoon snack.

Here are Catherine's remarks:

"Many of you know that St Peter’s is a small church located in the small village of Port Royal. We have around eighty people on our church roll, with about 35-40 people present for worship each Sunday.

"Four of us are here today.

"Although Port Royal is surrounded by beautiful farm land, the people there live in what is known as a food desert, where fresh produce is not readily available to many people because they don’t have the transportation to get to the nearest grocery store, which is almost fifteen miles away, or enough money to buy fresh produce if they’re lucky enough to get a ride to the grocery store.

"So about a year ago, our congregation started a monthly food distribution of fresh produce. Once a month, our Junior Warden drives down to the Northern Neck Food Bank and gets all sorts of fresh produce that the ECW, with the help of others in the church, bags up and distributes to people in the community who need and want it.

"Currently, we are serving almost ninety people a month. As the months have gone by, we are starting to get to know these people. Some of them even come early to help us bag the food and distribute it."

Parish Post, October, 2015


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