Outreach Committee


The ECW reports on Outreach at the annual congregational meeting in January. Here is the latest report in January, 2011

Here are some general categories of Outreach at St. Peter's

1. Food donations, to the local county Food Pantry, are ongoing. Empty bags are placed on the back pew of the church and when a number of filled bags are gathered, they are then carried by an Outreach Committee representative to the Food Pantry. A transportation chain is organized to assure that members having difficulty driving or walking are transported to and from church and related activities. Contact Fred Pannell, (804) 742-5302, with questions.

2. Animal shelter ministry.  Please bring dry or canned pet food for the animal shelter ministry. If you have any questions, please speak with Marilyn Newman.

3. Donations for the military. Donations for the military may be placed in the back pew.
4. Collections for Thurman Brisben Center,  Hope House - The Church collects men's and women's coats, respectively for these organizations
5.  Special activities at Thanksgiving and Christmas - 
a. “Shoebox” collection for Samaritan’s purse just before Thanksgiving
b.  Adopting” a needy family at Christmas to provide clothes and toys.  
We do not give our family money, but we do make contributions of Gift Cards in varying amounts. A money card from the Walmart would be wonderful. Walmart is close by and this allows the family to not only shop for much needed clothes, but food as well. 

c.  Children of St. Jude's Ranch in Bolder City Nevada.  As you receive your Christmas cards from friends and family, please save them for me to send to the ranch.  The children take your old cards and turn them into a money making project for the ranch. This is wonderful therapy for these young people as they heal from their illnesses

d.   Save your Campbell Soup labels to buy books and school supplies for the abused mountain children now living at Crossnore School in NC.  These labels represent dollars and can buy so many books with this project that Campbell Soups support.  All we need is the bar codes from each Campbell can of beans, soups etc
6.  Support for veterans at McGuire Hospital

7.  Hunters for the Hungry - donation of processing costs for venison to bring it to food shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks.
8.  Village Dinners are held on the first Wednesday of each month for the Church and the Village as a form of Outreach. They also provide home-cooked dinners to parishioners under medical care.

Here are some pictures from the August 4, 2010 Village Dinner

Village Dinner 08-04-2010
Village Dinner 08-04-2010




Village Dinner 08-04-2010

2011 Activities
The newest project is the Community Dinner for Port Royal that began June, 2011. See the discussion with the Evening ECW. Community dinners were held in June, 2011 and September, 2011 and October, 2011
In May, African Team Ministries delivered African crafts which were sold over several weeks. All proceeds went to help Episcopalians in East Africa
We have also begun soliciting funds for Somalia as of August, 2011, Caroline County's hurricane relief effort and the Diocese's fund to help Churches damaged in the August, 2011 earthquake - Bound Together: Earthquake Relief Assistance Fund . See this link on the Diocese website for this fund. Also see how you can contribute monies online or through the mail at this link
In early July, we hosted lunches for the FredCamp project during the week of July 3-9 except for July 4. We also referred a local home to them for work.
When Bishop Jones was here on July 10, 2011 we contributed monies for a vehicle for an Episcopal Bishop in Africa to be able to reach locations in his diocese.
Johnny Davis spoke to the Church in August, 2011 about the crisis in Somalia with an effort to gather funds. We have a Somalia page with detailed information on conditions. 
In September 18, 2011 this announcement suggested a new outreach ministry - "Reach out to inmates in the Peumansend Creek Regional Jail by serving as a volunteer to help lead a Bible study.Volunteers for this program would need to attend one training session at the jail and would have a background check. Volunteers are not expected to attend Bible study session at the jail. If you are interested in becoming part of this program or would like more information please contact Laurel Ameen at (540) 809 – 2375 or email at lamee2cl@gmail.com.
As of October 16, 2011 5 people had signed up for this ministry. It will be every other Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm. The group met on October 23, 2011 and training began in November. 
Marilyn Newman is part of the "Paws to Read" group It is a very simple concept: Children read to dogs. The dogs listen and don’t tease, laugh, or judge the child. Through Paws to Read, schools have created a positive, nonthreatening, fun environment for children in both the classroom and public library setting. She presented a Christmas fundraiser selling swags and wreaths for Christmas.
The ECW also raises money to support groups who work both nationally and internationally to help those in need.  This year the ECW raised over $3000 through its hard work selling cookbooks, jewelry and baked goods, and through the Harvest Festival and Itty Bitty Silent Auction held in October. ECW also  collected and distributed school supplies through the Community Dinners and has collected mittens, hats and scarves for residents of Caroline County
Nancy Long heading up our Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox project for this year in November.  In addition to donating almost 20 shoeboxes to the project, we also donated the cash received from our joint worship service with Memorial Baptist on the afternoon of November 20th to Operation Christmas Child. Nancy reported in early 2012 that over 15,500 boxes were assembled in the Northern Neck area, an increase of 1,782 compared to 2010.
Many saved tea bags over the past few months.  We have collected several hundred tea bags!  Catherine will be sending these tea bags off to Original Tea Bag designs in Cape Town, South Africa, early in January.  If you have any more tea bags to donate, please bring them to church by December 18th, the last day of our tea bag collection
Thank you to everyone for supporting the ECW in fall  by bringing in your old glasses and cell phones/accessories. Our church did an outstanding job on this service project and we want to make sure that everyone knows we appreciate their support. We collected 55 pairs of glasses for the Lions Club to refurbish for those in need.
Christmas, 2011 projects.
During December, the children assembled bags of candy that will be part of the Christmas stocking provided for each prisoner at the Peumansend  Creek Regional Jail and our Outreach ministry to those in prison will start early in 2012. 

The Episcopal Church Men provided Christmas gifts for a family in need.

Our Giving Tree this year offered two different opportunities to care for the least among us. 

We had tags on the tree that will list gift needs for an area family in need of Christmas assistance.  This family was selected by the Outreach Committee.  The members of that committee are Johnny Davis, Fred Pannell, and Nancy Long.  A tag was taken, the gift purchased and the gifts collected, December 18.

Members of the parish also donated monies for  NetsforLife to help people combat malaria in sub Saharan Africa.   

ECW collected Campbell Soup Labels, Box Tops For Education and also the pink tops from the Yoplait Yogurt Containers.  

For each Yogurt top we send in Yoplait sends .10 to Susan G. Komen . 

The ECW detailed their Outreach activities in the January, 2012 Parish Post . $4,412.67 was donated to various charities. A map and a table of their activities is here.


2012 Activities


Outreach in the first half of 2012 centered around 3 activities: 

1. Peumansend Creek Regional Jail - Volunteers began in January, 2012 and continued through the first half of the year, mainly on the first Thursday of each month. Upwards of 15 inmates joined in the Bible Study.

2. Community Dinners - Community Dinners continued in March and June, the one year anniversary

3. Mission Trip planning - A mission trip occured from Aug 22-28 for Staten Island to work the Moravians  with a clothing distribution drive. This is a joint effort of the Moravians there. Catherine's sister is a minister at one of them. A group site was created for their posts and thoughts.

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