Episcopal Church Women

Episcopal Church Women, St. Peter's Church, Port Royal, VA

ECW Meeting June 22, 2010

The ECW at St. Peter’s continues a long tradition of service to the parish, the community and beyond. The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the parish house.

There are several noted outreach activities:

1. An annual auction is coordinated as its main fundraiser and allows the ECW to make contributions to the charities that they choose to fund. Monies are also used to purchase some of the supplies used by the church.

2. They also sponsor the Village Dinners on the first Wednesday of each month

3. During Christmas they collect presents for needy families

In October, 2010 the ECW Annual Meeting was held at St. George's. Many ECW members from St. Peter's were in attendance.

ECW Convention Oct, 2010  

Here is a slideshow of the event.

They held their end of year celebration at Mimi's in Fredericksburg on Dec. 15, 2010. Here are some photos of the event.

$5,000 given to charities in 2010

The November meeting of the women of St. Peter’s focused on the charities we support and money was designated for needy projects both locally and nationally. Five hundred dollars was also given to the St. Peter’s Steeple fund in honor of those who have worked so hard over the years to support our church.  Other charities include Covington Boys Home, Jackson-Field for Girls, St. Andrew’s School, Native American Project, The Dominican Republic Mission Project, Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, Bragg Hill Family Center, Five Talents, CERVE, World Vision and Our Little Roses in Honduras. Many thanks to all who have supported ECW fundraisers!


1 Marian Mahoney reported on the ECW 2010 events at the January 16, 2011 Congregational Meeting

2. Minutes

A.  March 16, 2011
B.  April 20, 2011
C.  May 18, 2011


ECW Meeting May, 2011

3. ECW Prayer Retreat April 14, 2011 can be viewed here

4. Cookbook Committee, including Barbara Wisdom, Betty Kuntsmann, and Vivian McDonald, have collected over 350 recipes for a cookbook as a gift for the 175th Anniversary of the Church

5. UTO ingathering is being collected in May, 2011

6. ECW travelled to Belmont on June 16, 2011. After enjoying a tour, they ate at Amy's cafe in Falmouth and visited the craft store at LibertyTown

There will be no ECW meetings in July and August, 2011.

7. The cookbook went on sale June 29th and also was sold at the July 4th, 2011 Port Royal celebration.  Over a 100 had been sold by the end of the day at $12 each. 


8. On Sat., August 6, they sold baked goods and the cookbook at the Bowling Green Farmers' Market. Barbara reported on Sunday, August 7th that $413 was raised which included 16 cookbooks.  

Here's a link to a story with some photos of the event.

9.  The ECW reconvened Sept 21, 2011. The minutes are here.

10. On October 15, 2011, they sold baked goods and jewelry at the Bowling Green Fall Festival and made over $500.

11. They met Oct. 19, 2011. The minutes are here

11. On October, 29, 2011, the Southern Harvest Festival at Johnny's pavilion raised $2,000. Here is a link to the story

12.  Next meeting is planned for Nov. 30, 2011


1.  ECW met for the first time on Jan. 18, 2012. The minutes are here.

2. ECW met on Feb 15, 2012 for their Feb., meeting. The minutes are here

3. ECW met on March 21, 2012 for their March meeting. The minutes are here . They did not meet in April or May.  They participated in Operating Cleansweep in Bowling Green on June 2 earning $435 .  A story is here.

4. ECW met on June 13, 2012 for their end of year luncheon at Cookie Davis' house. About 15 women participated. A photogallery is here .

5.  The ECW took a tour of Kenmore on June 21st. Here was the preview and a short story on the event

6.  They sold food for the July 4 celebration (hot dogs, brockworst, corn) and made $600. Here is a photogallery of the event.

7.  Their first meeting for the 2012 program year was on September 19, 2012. The minutes are here.

8.  There were two events in October, 2012. They ventured to St. Mary's Whitechapel to walk the labyrinth in Lancaster on Oct. 18 . Here is a slideshow. They also participated in Bowling Green Harvest Festival on Oct. 20 and made $377 on goods.

 9. Minutes to the Nov 29, 2012 meeting are here. 


1. Minutes to the Jan. 16, 2013 meeting are here

2. Minutes to the March 20, 2013 meeting are here

3. The ECW participated in Operation Cleansweep on June 2, 2013 in Bowling Green 

4. The ECW visited Ginter Gardens in Richmond on June 6, 2013

4. The ECW began selling their new mug on Sept 1, 2013 ($8). They have a new ornament for Christmas


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